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Advanced Home Health Care has been serving Lake and Porter County, Indiana since 2006. Our Medicare Home Health Compare scores, certified patients satisfaction scores, and state survey results help validate the trust that local healthcare professionals place in Advanced Home Health Care every day. Other reasons that healthcare professionals appreciate the Home Health Services of Advanced include:


Home Health Care Services We provide all the assistance needed (within legal limits) to ensure doctors can bill for certifications, care plan oversight, and transitional care management.
Home Health Care Services We honor the doctor / patient relationship. We never encourage our Home Health patients to switch doctors. We coach patients to make timely visits to their doctors as needed, especially for follow-up care after hospitalization. In fact, the services of Advanced Home Health Care are designed to function as an extension of your conscientious care and to improve overall satisfaction with care.
Home Health Care Services Our caregivers contact each patient the day before each visit to ensure reliability and communication.

Some Indicators for a Referral to
Advanced Home Health Care:

Home Health Care Services Patient who meets both homebound and skilled need criteria
Home Health Care Services Debilitated & Deconditioned Patients due to hospital stay
Home Health Care Services Diabetes Management
Home Health Care Services Cardiac Management & Post-Operative Care
Home Health Care Services Wound Care
Home Health Care Services Infusion Therapy
Home Health Care Services Repeated & Recurrent Admissions to Hospital with same diagnosis.
Home Health Care Services An accidental fall in the past year.
Home Health Care Services Patients who are non-compliant with medications.



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Admission Criteria

Medicare has some basic admission criteria for Home Health, for which we provide an overview below. Most other third-party payors follow similar criteria. If you have any questions about whether a patient might qualify for Home Health care in Indiana, please contact us now.


Homebound does not mean that the patient is incapable of leaving the home. Homebound means that leaving the home currently requires a significant and taxing effort and that trips away from the home are therefore infrequent and of short duration. A patient may be temporarily homebound due to illness or injury.

Skilled Need

Skilled need means that the plan of care calls for services that require a Licensed Registered Nurse, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist or Occupational Therapist. This would include services such as health care teaching, wound care, lab draws, injections, assessment, and exercise therapy. This criterion is meant to exclude plans of care that only call for personal care such as assistance bathing or dressing. However, Advanced Home Health Care can provide Medicare-reimbursed personal care services under the Home Health plan of care so long as there is also a skilled need in the plan of care.

Physician Supervision

Advanced Home Health Care plans of care must be certified by a doctor. Federal regulations require that the doctor be an MD, DO, or DPM. A patient must have a visit with the doctor either 90 days before or 30 days after the Home Health start of care, and the visit must have been relevant to the Home Health diagnosis.


Home Health Care ServicesPhysician Reimbursement for Home Health

Are you sure your office receives full reimbursement for the work you do with Advanced Home Health Care on Medicare patients?  Advanced values the support we receive from Physicians, and we want to make sure our Physicians are fully aware of the THREE ways Physicians can get paid for their Home Health referrals through oversight.

Some Physicians choose to forgo the Care Plan Oversight billing because of the documentation requirements.  However, all Physicians and their billing staff should be aware that two other codes for Certification and Re-Certification can be billed with very little documentation required.  Just keep a copy of the signed Plan of Care from Advanced Home Health Care in the patient’s chart, and the signing Physician can bill for G0180 or G0179.

Patient must have Medicare Part B to bill these services.

G0180 = Initial Certification of Medicare Home Health Care – Average Payment = $50 - $60
G0179 = Initial Re-Certification of Medicare Home Health Care – Average Payment = $40 - $50
G0181 = Home Health Care Plan Oversight – Average Payment = $100

What do they mean by Certification?  For each patient, a Physician must sign a new Plan of Care at admission and every 60 days thereafter.  Home Health Agencies type the Plans of Care on a form called the CMS 485.  On this form, the Physician certifies that the patient needs Skilled Nursing or Therapy.  If the patient requires more than 60 days of Home Health, Medicare requires the start of a new episode.  Advanced will send a new, updated Plan of Care, and the Physician Re-Certifies that the patient requires Home Health.

Home Health Care Plan Oversight: The Physician signing the Plan of Care may also be able to bill for oversight.  Oversight is billed in 30 minute units per calendar month.  Time spent changing verbal orders, travel time, claim preparation, and conversing with Home Health staff does not count toward oversight.  Oversight billing includes time spent reviewing charts, reports, treatment plans, labs or study results, team conferences, medical decision making, and/or phone calls with other healthcare providers serving the patient.  To avoid retraction of oversight payments, the patient’s chart should contain notes documenting time spent on oversight activities each month.  The 30 minutes can be the cumulative time spent on such activities all month.  This level of oversight is usually only accomplished when beneficiaries require complex or multi-disciplinary care modalities.

Get Paid.  We’ll Help.  Advance Home Health Care is well organized and values the support of Physicians.  If you would like to start billing these codes or review your past bills, we can help.  Call us and we will happily provide a list of all patients you have referred in the past 12 months.

(“The above rates reflect the 2009 schedule for CMS.  Please verify and follow the CMS guidelines for Physician Payment for Home Health.”)



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